...and do more of that.

'I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.'                                                                                     Leonardo Da Vinci

We must do

I help schools to make and be the changes they want to see by 

mapping out with them clear steps towards their preferred future. As well as looking for ways to replicate relevant successes (often hidden within the school), I help schools to implement any new ideas identified when we meet to plan our work together. 


Schools are generally very familiar with the learning Pyramid created by the National Training Laboratories in the USA, that illustrates the the importance of practising (doing) to enhance learner recall associated learning. Taking learning to mean lasting change that is the result of behaviour, I work closely wth schools to help them do something different in order to secure the lasting changes they want.

Do what?

The support I provide for each school I work with is as flexible as the school requires. It generally involves a range of things for schools to 'do' eg

  • Questions to ask pupils and colleagues to improve learning behaviour  

  • Whole class teaching and group work activities to use

  • Strategies to increase parental involvement in their child's learning

  • Planning and recording templates to use

  • Whole school appoaches for better behaviour and improved attendance