Find out what works... 

Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, pioneers of solution focussed approaches, wrote 'We have always been interested in the question  

"What works?" (so we could do more of it) rather than its opposite.' 


What works for you?

I work with schools that are looking for ways to improve or sustain their pupils' learning behaviour. Often schools want help to deal with challenging behaviour or are looking for ways to improve their pupils' experience of school, through improved attendance or changes to the learning environment. The things that work well often differ from one school to another, and what works well in some parts of a school or even at some times of the day can vary considerably too.


I help professionals to focus on what ialready working well for them, their pupils and their families too as a starting point for any plan of action. This builds on a simple assumption that the people I work with in schools already hold (at least most) of the answers they need to make the changes they want.


What works for others?

As well as supporting schools to explore and build on what worked before or elsewhere in the school, I help schools that want to discover and explore new ways of working by bringing ideas from other schools, professionals education philosphers and writers. 


I provide training and advice on a range of subjects relating to behaviour and attendance at school for all members of the school community. 


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