Teresa Mcilroy Education Consultant

"Find out what works and do more of that"      Steve de Shazer 

‘Teresa introduced me to Solution Focussed Practice that transformed my way not only of working, but also of thinking and consequently has influenced the many children, staff and parents with whom I have worked.’  

(Head teacher – Gloucestershire primary school)


‘Solution Focused Thinking has changed my practice. It’s impossible now to go back to dull old problem focussed ways.’ 

(Inclusion Adviser, Gloucestershire CC)

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I am an independent Teaching and Learning consultant based in Northern Ireland. My particular expertise lies in approaches to issues around behaviour' and attendance.  I have a specialism in a range of strategies that will support you - or a specific group - wherever there is responsibility for children in an education setting.


As a result of spending my time, over the last 20 plus years, working with hundreds of schools as a teacher and behaviour support adviser, across the age range and in a variety of settings, I have never lost sight of the challenges we all face in the day-to-day world of education. My practice is firmly rooted in reality. 


'Teresa, you have been a great source of advice and practical support to our school at a time of greatest need. Thank you for helping us to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable pupils’

(Head teacher – Gloucestershire primary school )


Much of my success in supporting whoever I work with is underpinned by the guiding principles of solution focussed approaches. And, as both coach and consultant, I further support the understanding and adoption of these approaches so that other professionals can use it in their work.